The Third Path of Consciousness

And voila! Here’s Sungeist’s debut video, “The third path of consciousness”.

A calm & peaceful video for a calm & peaceful song.
Yet, shooting this video was anything but calm & peaceful:

a) After I finished shooting the first version of this video, my hard drive crashed with no back up, forcing me to re-shoot everything. Months of work down the drain 🙁
b) One day while shooting, I was asked by the police to help them find a fugitive.
c) Another day, I was offered a job in pornography (come to think of it, why didn’t I accept???)
d) I was intercepted by the police for attempted suicide on a bridge, while I was simply attempting to shoot a sunset.<3 u popo xxx

A lot of turmoil, trials and tribulations for something meant to be calm & peaceful!

Stay tuned – we will be releasing new videos soon, and our debut album in just a few weeks!

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